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Forever B12 Plus is a perfect combination of vitamin b12 and folic acid, deficiency of which is critical to the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy. it is extremely safe in large quantities, the slow time-release formula provides a steady intake of active ingredients Vitamin B12 helps maintain the health of all body cells, Helps blood carry oxygen, detoxifies tobacco smoke, it is essential for energy/nerves

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Benefits Includes: 
  • Beneficial to women wishing to have babies
  • Helps unborn babies develop normally
  • Good for pregnant mothers especially within the first three months
  • Great for vegetarians and vegans as B12 is normally obtained from animal sources
  • Helps reduce homocysteine levels
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease
  • Count: 60 tablets
  • Good for pregnant women 
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease 
  • Good for vegetarians and vegans